China minmetals group to heyuan investigation of mineral resources exploration will enter a substant
2011-3-25 source:www.lanjingshi.com

Following the March 2, with China minmetals group of heyuan municipal government cooperating signed in Beijing heyuan city, the mineral resources exploration and development strategic cooperation agreement, yesterday, after China minmetals group company President assistant, China minmetals exploration and development limited company general manager WangJiong fai leads a team to heyuan investigation, and determine the monolithic exploration of mineral resources related matters. WangJiong fai said China minmetals will from mineral resources with 0762online monolithic exploration to mining development carries on the comprehensive cooperation.

Secretary of municipal party DaiShiChang ChenJianHua, PengJianWen, standing, the secretary-general met with LaiZeHua pivots line. Municipal party committee member, deputy mayor leaves often thick accompanying tour.

It is reported, this is both sides signed the cooperating heyuan mineral resources exploration and development strategic cooperation agreement "later, China minmetals first to heyuan investigation, in order to promote further cooperation. That day, 292 nuclear industry to pivots line successively dongyuan county geological brigade, GuYun village mines "immortal catitang town understand a situation, and relevant personnel with zhuhai held the symposium, negotiate mineral development substantive items, and preliminary agreement.

WangJiong fai said, heyuan nanling metallogenic belt in the eastern and wuyi metallogenic belt cross composite parts, southwest of ore-forming geological conditions, mineral resources are very rich mineral resources, development of economic potential is tremendous; China minmetals is the world 500 strong enterprises, in the capital, technology, management and talented people has powerful advantage. Cooperation must achieve win-win, achieve three goals. First, in prospecting breakthrough progress, to promote tracksuit-clad exploration, touch heyuan shall lose mineral resources; Next, want to explore the exploitation of mineral resources, the mechanism to industrialization, the mineral mining development and environmental protection and economic development; combining Third, will the entire industry scale, intensive improves, and stretching industry outspread, in some new materials, new technology to improve.

According to understand, according to discuss matters of heyuan city, heyuan will create a monolithic exploration and development of mineral resources leading group, under the joint group; China minmetals will also help in professional technology personnel gearing exploration of mineral resources of heyuan push for further research work, mineral development work to lay the foundation.

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