Lithium mica solid fluorine reconstruction mention lithium technology new original method
2011-3-25 source:www.lanjingshi.com

Jiangxi yichun GeZong coperition technology Co., LTD. 17 release news, the company completed the lithium mica solid comprehensive extracting lithium carbonate fluorine reconstruction project organized by department of jiangxi province last week identified key new product, and is currently developing a pilot production line, the plan of continuous production second half. New process cost advantage prominent, innovation, strong, environmental protection, practical, and solved the lithium mica low cost efficient comprehensive utilization for the key technical problems, lithium electricity the development of new energy industry provides an efficient way.

Central south university professor li xin-hai coperition GeZong team and the companies to develop for the first time in this new technology, lithium mica mention lithium used in the process of high and low temperature twice mineralogical reconstruction technology, improving the reconstruction effect, avoid the pressurized leaching, alkali metal leaching rate is high. This results in recycled lithium carbonate omitted except calcium, the cost, and with sodium carbonate by hydrogen peroxide system, be helpful for direct get battery grade lithium carbonate, technology in international advanced level.

According to understand, this project project in 2008, scientific research personnel after nearly three years of joint tackling, both in hunan and jiangxi again for industrial research experiment and test, finally success produce qualified battery grade lithium carbonate. Product by national authoritative organization detection, technical indexes reach and exceed the industry standard, the hunan, jiangxi several lithium battery materials enterprise use, reflect good, performance can meet the lithium ion battery anode materials production of technical requirements.

According to introducing, lithium mica ore solid fluorine technology can make the fluorine and lithium mica ore slag in solid form 【 left, avoid release roasting currently high temperature corrosion equipment and gas pollution environment. Lithium mica ore mineralogical reconstruction and control technology that its lithium metathesis alkali metal into such as the soluble in water, avoid the material of chloride chlorine ion and oxygen ion the reaction that produces the chlorine and reaction with water release hydrogen gas cause equipment corrosion and exhaust pollution.

Additional as we have learned, lithium is called the 21st century clean energy, auto together with oil become the motivation. The fusion technique is the lithium nuclear research breakthroughs in key areas, once the lithium, equivalent to the energy produced several times of uranium. Therefore, more and more countries will be lithium positioning in the countries with oil equally important strategic materials. Battery grade lithium carbonate product is lithium ion battery key materials raw material, will have broad industrialization prospect.

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